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Liquid Chromatography
Analytical Metrology
Atmospheric Pressure Ionization
Atomic Force Microscopy
Atomic Spectrometry-Spectroscopy
Biomedical Engineering
Capillary Electrophoresis
Chiral Separations
Clinical Analysis
Data Analysis
   17Getting Started with Excel and VBA in the Laboratory (Laptop Required)03/04/2017 (Saturday)2 Day Course
   20(CANCELED) Statistics for the Non-Statistician with Applications to Analytical Chemistry03/06/2017 (Monday)1 1/2 Day Course
   24Practical Pyrolysis-GC-MS for Polymer and Material Characterization03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1/2 Day Course
   28Examples of Analytical Data Treatment Using Microsoft® Excel™: Part 1 – Some Basics03/06/2017 (Monday)1/2 Day Course
   30Examples of Analytical Data Treatment Using Microsoft® Excel™: Part 2 – More Advanced Topics 03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   33Implementation of Laboratory Quality Assurance Program Using Control Charts03/06/2017 (Monday)2 Day Course
   46Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics for the Analytical Scientist03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   61(CANCELED) Imaging Based Morphology: Fundamentals03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   83(CANCELED) Multivariate Calibration as an Aid to Develop Atomic Spectroscopy Methods03/05/2017 (Sunday)1/2 Day Course
   84(CANCELED) A Hands-on Example on How to Develop a PLS Regression Model03/09/2017 (Thursday)1/2 Day Course
   89Measurement Uncertainty - An Introduction03/06/2017 (Monday)1 Day Course
   90Measurement Uncertainty - Intermediate Level03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1 Day Course
   121Technical Writing at Work03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1 Day Course
   92(CANCELED) Hyperspectral Imaging Applied To The Food Sector: Case Studies03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1/2 Day Course
   99(CANCELED) Multivariate Curve Resolution - Theory and Practice03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1 Day Course
   105Analytical Excellence: Assuring Data Integrity and Laboratory Compliance03/04/2017 (Saturday)2 Day Course
   106Confidence in Analytical Results and Measurement Uncertainty03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1 Day Course
   91(CANCELED) Keep a Customer: Writing for Excellent Customer Service and Support03/06/2017 (Monday)1 Day Course
   145Data Integrity: Understanding GXP Regulatory Requirements for Laboratories03/06/2017 (Monday)1 Day Course
   143(CANCELED) Long-Term Archival of Laboratory Data03/05/2017 (Sunday)1/2 Day Course
   141X-ray Analysis for Metallurgical Challenges03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1/2 Day Course
   142(CANCELED) Managing Analytical Data with the AnIML Standard -- Theory and Practice03/04/2017 (Saturday)1/2 Day Course
   144(CANCELED) Analysis of Bioanalytical Data to Extract Relevant Information03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1 1/2 Day Course
   153(CANCELED) Laboratory Asset and Facility Management Systems with IBM Maximo03/04/2017 (Saturday)2 Day Course
   158Analytical Pyrolysis-GC/MS; Theory and Applications03/04/2017 (Saturday)1/2 Day Course
Data Management
Digital Imaging
Electronic Laboratory
Enantiomeric Separations
Environmental Analysis
Flow Injection Analysis
Gas Chromatography
Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Green Chemistry
Homeland Defense
HPLC Separations
Inductively Coupled Plasma
Industrial Hygiene and Lab Safety
Infrared Spectroscopy
Ion-Mobility Spectrometry
Laboratory Information and Management
Laboratory Safety
Life Sciences
Liquid Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Management/Professional Development
Mass Spectrometry
Particle Characterization
Petroleum Analysis
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Raman Spectroscopy
Rotary Evaporators
Sample Preparation
Supercritical Fluid
Surface Analysis
Teaching Analytical Chemistry
Technical Writing
Thermal Analysis
X-Ray Diffraction
X-Ray Spectrometry