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Liquid Chromatography
Analytical Metrology
Atmospheric Pressure Ionization
Atomic Force Microscopy
Atomic Spectrometry-Spectroscopy
Biomedical Engineering
Capillary Electrophoresis
Chiral Separations
Clinical Analysis
Data Analysis
Data Management
Digital Imaging
Electronic Laboratory
Enantiomeric Separations
Environmental Analysis
   9(CANCELED) Intermediate GC03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1 Day Course
   15 LC-MS-MS Analysis of Emerging Contaminants (EDCs, PPCPs and PFCs) and Nanomaterials in the Environment03/05/2017 (Sunday)1/2 Day Course
   32Sampling for Particle Size Analysis03/09/2017 (Thursday)1/2 Day Course
   31Fundamentals of Particle Size Analysis with an Emphasis on Light Scattering Techniques03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1 Day Course
   29Statistically Sound Calibration Studies, Detection Limits and Quantitation Limits03/05/2017 (Sunday)1 Day Course
   40Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) and Other Sampling and Sample Preparation Technologies for Laboratory and On-site Applications03/05/2017 (Sunday)1 Day Course
   47Measurement and Interpretation of pH in Aqueous and NonAqueous Solutions and a Host of Other Stuff03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   48(CANCELLED)Selection and Preparation of Buffers for Aqueous and Partially Aqueous Solvents, for Example LC Mobile Phases and Reaction Mixtures03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1/2 Day Course
   51Handheld Vibrational Spectrometers: State-of-the Art Instrumentation and Novel Applications03/06/2017 (Monday)1 Day Course
   69Analytical Spectroscopy Methods: Absorption, Fluorescence, Raman and SERS03/04/2017 (Saturday)1/2 Day Course
   72Elemental Analysis via Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and X-ray Fluorescence03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   79Size, Molecular Weight and Zeta Potential Characterization of Nanomaterials03/06/2017 (Monday)1/2 Day Course
   77Light Scattering Uses in Water and Environmental Issues03/05/2017 (Sunday)1/2 Day Course
   83(CANCELED) Multivariate Calibration as an Aid to Develop Atomic Spectroscopy Methods03/05/2017 (Sunday)1/2 Day Course
   97Green Analytical Chemistry03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1 Day Course
   98Analytical Sampling and Sample Preparation03/09/2017 (Thursday)1 Day Course
   101Practical Gas Chromatography03/04/2017 (Saturday)2 Day Course
   115Practical Ion Chromatography: Successful Method Development03/05/2017 (Sunday)1/2 Day Course
   147Frontiers in Atomic Spectrometry Using ICP/MS as Ionisation Source I: Speciation Analyses For Environmental, Nutrition and Industrial Applications03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1/2 Day Course
   148Frontiers in Atomic Spectrometry using ICP/MS as Ionisation Source II: Isotopic Analysis of Heavy Elements for Environmental, Forensic, Biomedical and Industrial Applications03/09/2017 (Thursday)1/2 Day Course
   151Immunoanalytical Methods for Environmental, Food and Clinical Analysis03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   154(CANCELED) Good Liquid Handling and Pipetting, Automated Sample Prep and Detection - Hands-on Workshop03/08/2017 (Wednesday)2 Day Course
   157Interpretation of Electrospray Mass Spectra of Small Molecules03/04/2017 (Saturday)1 Day Course
   159Perspectives and Progress in Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission (ICP-AES) Spectrometry – New Instrumental Configurations for Multielement Analysis03/04/2017 (Saturday)1 Day Course
   160Atomic Absorption Spectrometry - Current Status and New Analytical Perspectives03/05/2017 (Sunday)1 Day Course
Flow Injection Analysis
Gas Chromatography
Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Green Chemistry
Homeland Defense
HPLC Separations
Inductively Coupled Plasma
Industrial Hygiene and Lab Safety
Infrared Spectroscopy
Ion-Mobility Spectrometry
Laboratory Information and Management
Laboratory Safety
Life Sciences
Liquid Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Management/Professional Development
Mass Spectrometry
Particle Characterization
Petroleum Analysis
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Raman Spectroscopy
Rotary Evaporators
Sample Preparation
Supercritical Fluid
Surface Analysis
Teaching Analytical Chemistry
Technical Writing
Thermal Analysis
X-Ray Diffraction
X-Ray Spectrometry