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Analytical Metrology
Atmospheric Pressure Ionization
Atomic Force Microscopy
Atomic Spectrometry-Spectroscopy
Biomedical Engineering
Capillary Electrophoresis
Chiral Separations
Clinical Analysis
Data Analysis
Data Management
Digital Imaging
Electronic Laboratory
Enantiomeric Separations
Environmental Analysis
Flow Injection Analysis
Gas Chromatography
Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Green Chemistry
Homeland Defense
HPLC Separations
Inductively Coupled Plasma
Industrial Hygiene and Lab Safety
Infrared Spectroscopy
Ion-Mobility Spectrometry
Laboratory Information and Management
Laboratory Safety
Life Sciences
Liquid Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Management/Professional Development
   5Technical Writing for Scientists03/04/2017 (Saturday)1 Day Course
   6(CANCELED) Powerful Public Speaking for Scientists03/05/2017 (Sunday)1 Day Course
   7Leadership at the Bench: Effective Communications for Technical Managers03/06/2017 (Monday)1 Day Course
   8(CANCELED) "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall": A Fairy Tale of Leadership03/09/2017 (Thursday)1 Day Course
   4On-The-Job Skills for Technology Developers (Things You Were Not Taught In School)03/04/2017 (Saturday)1/2 Day Course
   14HPLC/UHPLC Method Development Made Easy 03/06/2017 (Monday)1/2 Day Course
   17Getting Started with Excel and VBA in the Laboratory (Laptop Required)03/04/2017 (Saturday)2 Day Course
   23(CANCELED) Techsalence™ - Sales for the Technical Team. Scientists, Engineers & Techies who Interact with Customers03/06/2017 (Monday)1/2 Day Course
   35LIMS and ELN: How to Select, Plan and Implement the Right Software Solutions for Your Laboratory03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1 Day Course
   43(CANCELED) Good Documentation Practices and Effective Analytical Documents in Pharmaceutical GMP Laboratories03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1 Day Course
   59Preparing Your Lab for Unexpected Downtime: Disaster Planning for Your LIMS, CDS, and Supporting Infrastructure03/06/2017 (Monday)1/2 Day Course
   74(CANCELED) Coaching as a Powerful Leadership Tool03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   75(CANCELED) Managing Difficult Conversations03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   85Supervisory Skills for Technical Managers03/06/2017 (Monday)1 Day Course
   86Coaching and Mentoring in R&D03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1 Day Course
   87Managing Conflict03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1 Day Course
   88Managing Polarities: A Tool to Build Collaboration 03/09/2017 (Thursday)1/2 Day Course
   121Technical Writing at Work03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1 Day Course
   97Green Analytical Chemistry03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1 Day Course
   100Laboratory Workflow Reengineering for a LIMS or ELN Implementation03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   108Faster, Better, Leaner! The High Performing Lab03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1/2 Day Course
   111Assessing Risk and Selecting Hoods Using Case Studies03/04/2017 (Saturday)1/2 Day Course
   91(CANCELED) Keep a Customer: Writing for Excellent Customer Service and Support03/06/2017 (Monday)1 Day Course
   124LIMS Project Implementation Topics03/09/2017 (Thursday)1/2 Day Course
   143(CANCELED) Long-Term Archival of Laboratory Data03/05/2017 (Sunday)1/2 Day Course
   149(CANCELED) How to be Successful in Scientific Publishing03/09/2017 (Thursday)1/2 Day Course
   134(CANCELED) Essential Writing Tools for the English as a Second Language (ESL) Scientific Writer03/07/2017 (Tuesday)2 Day Course
   142(CANCELED) Managing Analytical Data with the AnIML Standard -- Theory and Practice03/04/2017 (Saturday)1/2 Day Course
   152(CANCELED) Dreaming Green – Maximizing Energy Efficiency in the Modern Laboratory03/09/2017 (Thursday)1/2 Day Course
   153(CANCELED) Laboratory Asset and Facility Management Systems with IBM Maximo03/04/2017 (Saturday)2 Day Course
   162Language and Matter: Technical Writing for Analytical Scientists and Managers03/05/2017 (Sunday)1 Day Course
   164Safety in the Laboratory I03/06/2017 (Monday)1 Day Course
   165Safety in the Laboratory II03/07/2017 (Tuesday)1 Day Course
   166How to be a More Effective Chemical Hygiene Officer03/08/2017 (Wednesday)1 Day Course
Mass Spectrometry
Particle Characterization
Petroleum Analysis
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Raman Spectroscopy
Rotary Evaporators
Sample Preparation
Supercritical Fluid
Surface Analysis
Teaching Analytical Chemistry
Technical Writing
Thermal Analysis
X-Ray Diffraction
X-Ray Spectrometry