Monday, March 12, 2012

Bioanalytical Microfluidics and Emerging Nanotechnologies - WEBCASTING

Richard A Durst, Cornell University

02:00 PM   Introductory Remarks -
02:05 PM   Microfluidic Capillary Bioanalysis Using Miniaturized Immunoaffinity and Molecular Imprinted Polymer Separations
02:40 PM   Lab-on-a-Chip – A Fully Integrated Nucleic Acid Analysis System – From Sample-In to Result Out
03:15 PM   [i]In vitro[/i] Diagnostics for Stroke Enabled through Microfluidics and Single-Molecule Detection
03:50 PM   Immunoassay Signal Amplification Using 2-Dimensional Paper Networks
04:25 PM   Automated Microflow Cytometer for Detection of Infectious Disease

Lab-on-a-chip and micro- and nano-Total Analysis Systems have changed the way researchers think about and do analytical chemistry. Smart integrated systems have been demonstrated. The future opportunity in the miniaturization of analytical tools relies on the integration of an ever-increasing number of functions (sample extraction, pre-concentration, cell sorting, PCR, etc.), avoiding the external fluid handling and/or sample transfer along the entire analysis workflow, thus resulting in powerful micro- and nano-Total Analysis Systems.

This symposium provides an in-depth view of some of the newest developments of the incredible opportunities in analytical micro-/nano-fluidic research. This symposium will also present how microfluidic devices can be intelligently used in modern diagnostics to provide fast assay platforms capable of providing point-of-care solutions. It will assist the growing community of microfluidic device users to understand the benefits and disadvantages of miniaturization in their fields of application, as well as to educate the researchers who will design the next generation of instruments embedding microfluidic functions for drug discovery or diagnostics.