Monday, March 12, 2012

Dal Nogare Award - WEBCASTING

Mary Ellen P McNally, DuPont Crop Protection

08:00 AM   Introductory Remarks -
08:05 AM   Presentation
08:10 AM   The Evolution of Electrodialytic Devices in Ion Chromatography
08:45 AM   Recent Progress in the Synthesis of Anion Exchange Condensation Polymers
09:20 AM   Thin Film SPME
09:55 AM   Recess
10:10 AM   Development of Ionic Liquids for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis
10:45 AM   Recent Advances in the Charge Detector Concept for Ion Chromatography

The Dal Nogare award was established in honor of Stephen Dal Nogare who died in 1968 after serving 6 months as President of the Chromatography Forum. The selected awardee is chosen on the basis of his or her contributions to the fundamental understanding of the chromatographic process. Purnendu K. Dasgupta is the 2012 Dal Nogare recipient.

Purnendu K. (Sandy) Dasgupta is Jenkins Garrett Professor of Chemistry at the University of Texas at Arlington. A native of India, Dasgupta’s contributions to separation sciences have been both esoteric (chromatography on ice as a stationary phase, chiral separations through a chirally doped soap bubble) and practical: Principles and applications of ion chromatography, he is credited with the development of electrodialytic suppressors, eluent generators and postcolumn reagent introduction devices. His contributions to the use of ion chromatography in environmental analysis have been particularly important, from the discovery of the ubiquitous presence of perchlorate in mother’s milk to near real-time gas/aerosol composition analyzers.