Monday, March 12, 2012

Imaging Mass Spectrometry: New Chemical Insights into Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics - WEBCASTING

Richard A Yost, University of Florida and Timothy James Garrett, University of Florida

08:00 AM   Introductory Remarks -
08:05 AM   Molecular Signaling Studied with High Resolution Imaging MS
08:40 AM   Aspects of Imaging Mass Spectrometry in Pharmaceutical Applications
09:15 AM   Unraveling Identity in Imaging Mass Spectrometry: The Roles of Tandem and High Resolution MS
09:50 AM   “Seeing” the Future of MALDI Imaging in Ocular Tissues
10:25 AM   Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Ambient Tissue Analysis for Cancer Diagnostics

Imaging mass spectrometry is generating tremendous interest in the biomedical and pharmaceutical communities because of its unparalleled capabilities to provide trace chemical analysis at the microscopic level in intact tissue. Advances in analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry, including innovations in instrumentation, analytical methodologies, and sample preparation are providing new insights into chemical and biological processes. This symposium will bring together leaders in the field of imaging mass spectrometry to share these advances and to describe their impact in important fields of biology, medicine, and pharmaceutical development. These presentations will be of interest not just to analytical mass spectrometrists, but to the broad analytical community.