ACS-ANYL - New Approaches to Nuclear Safeguards and Forensics AnalysisAndrew Duffin,
Non-Traditional Human Biometrics for Threat Assessment: Using Chemical Forensics for National Security and Intelligence ApplicationsJoachim Dieter Pleil, US EPA
Standoff Detection Methods for Security ApplicationsMichael Shepard, Dept. Homeland Security, S&T Directorate
Organized Contributed Sessions
Technology Strategies for Explosives SensingSamar K Guharay, The MITRE Corporation
Oral Sessions
Detection of Illicit Drugs - Half SessionNathaniel R Gomer, ChemImage Sensor Systems
Forensic Trace Analysis - Half SessionNathaniel R Gomer, ChemImage Sensor Systems
Trace Explosives Detection - Half SessionMaria K Ferguson, PA Department of Environmental Protection
Poster Sessions
Forensics and Homeland Security

Modern Methods for Chemometric AnalysisMichael Madden, Analyze IQ