Methodology Title Facilitators
Atomic Spectroscopy/Elemental AnalysisEmission/Absorption Spectroscopy for Analysis of Metals in Pharmaceutical ProductsTheodore J Duello, Tennessee State University
Atomic Spectroscopy/Elemental AnalysisICP-MS and Chromatography for Metals SpeciationLarry Irr, Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation
BiospectroscopyBioseparations- Problems, Pitfalls, and Current Issues in Protein Analysis and PurificationRahul Manmode, University of Massachusetts Lowell
BiospectroscopyForensicsDavid N Rahni, Pace University/New York Medical College
Chemical MethodsContemporary Food and Environmental Residue AnalysisJohn A Mathis, Global Laboratory Services, Inc
Chemical MethodsGPC Related Techniques for Determining the Composition Distribution of Synthetic Copolymers as a Function of Molecular Weight DistributionWei Gao, The Dow Chemical Company
Data Analysis and ManipulationHow Can Instrument Vendors Report Raw Data in a Uniform Open Non-proprietary Standard Format (XML)?Anand R Mudambi, US EPA
Data Analysis and ManipulationLab-on-a-Chip Is Beautiful - But Where are Chips-in-Lab Now?Werner Hoffman, Karlsruhe Research Center
Data Analysis and ManipulationThe Data Management Landscape of the FutureDavid Hurt, LabVantage
Education/TeachingThe Analytical Dilemma: What Then Shall We Teach? CurriculumMichael Samide, Butler University
ElectrochemistryElectrochemistry and MicrofluidicsSvetlana Mitrovski, Eastern Illinois University
High-Energy SpectroscopyMid-IR Laser SpectroscopySohrab Zarrabian , MAXION Technologies
Laboratory InformaticsHealth and Safety in the LaboratoryJames A Kaufman, Laboratory Safety Institute
Laboratory InformaticsWhat Prevents You From Buying A LIMSDavid Hurt, LabVantage
Liquid ChromatographyConversion of HPLC Test Methods to UPLCJennifer M Roosien, Perrigo Company
Liquid ChromatographyHPLC/ Recent Development/Method Development/Validation/TroubleshootingShelly Li, Pfizer Inc
Liquid ChromatographyUPLC and Micro LC Mary Ellen F McNally, E.I. DuPont de Nemours
Liquid Chromatography/Mass SpectrometryLC-MS Users ForumArindam Roy, Boehringer Ingalheim Ben venue Laboratories
Liquid Chromatography/Mass SpectrometryUtilization of Newer LC and MS Technologies for Rapid Information Generation in Pharmaceutical DevelopmentBryan C Castle, Eli Lilly & Company
Mass SpectrometryHarsh-Environment Mass SpectrometryGottfried Kibelka, HEMSS
Near InfraredNear-IR Calibration Transfer: Approaches, Applications, Success StoriesRonald L Rubinovitz, Buchi Corporation
NetworkingAlternative Forms of Employment for the Scientific ProfessionalRobert L Stevenson, ISC
NetworkingCareer Placement for Senior ScientistsJohn Guarniere, RCE Associates
NetworkingHow Can Virtual Centers of Excellence for Analytical Chemistry be Established and MaintainedJeanette M Van Emon, US EPA
NetworkingHow Can You Develop and Maintain a Successful Research Career at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI)?Kimberley A Frederick, Skidmore College
NetworkingNational Environmental AccreditationLara P Autry, US EPA
NetworkingOpen-Access Instruments: Benefits, Challenges, Advances and LearningsJames M Roberts, GlaxoSmithKline
NetworkingPCB Guidance DevelopmentWayne J Whipple, US EPA Region 5, Chicago Regional Laboratory
Other (Specify)A Step by Step Approach to International Patent Protection Zareefa Flener, Ladas & Parry, LLP
Other (Specify)Analytical Techniques for Pharmaceutical Counterfeit DetectionRavi Kalyanaraman, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Other (Specify)Biofuel Production, Storage and Use: Are We Ready for the ChallengeMichael T Cheng, Chevron Energy and Technology Company
Other (Specify)No Needles No Pins: New Directions for Non-invasive Drug Monitoring and Biomarker DeterminationWolfram Miekisch, University Hospital of Rostock
Other (Specify)Outsourcing in the Pharmaceutical IndustryPaul B Wright, Eli Lilly & Co.
Other (Specify)The Application of Hyphenated Instruments on Food Safety and CosmeticPerry G Wang, US FDA
Process Analytical TechniquesPAT: What Are Unmet Needs? Jim W Rydzak, GlaxoSmithKline
SensorsBreath Tests in MedicineMichael Phillips, Menssana Research, Inc
SensorsCorrelation Between Sensory Panels and Electronic Nose/TongueJean-Christophe Mifsud, Alpha MOS
Surface Analysis/ImagingIn vivo Imaging Techniques Heather A Clark , Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
Thermal AnalysisRecent Trends in Thermal AnalysisCharles M Earnest, Berry College