Ralph N Adams Award
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
2:00 PM Room: 206A

Liang Li, University of Alberta

2:00 PMIntroductory Remarks -
2:05 PMPresentation
2:10 PMBiomedical Mass Spectrometry: Aspirations and Achievements, Catherine Fenselau
2:45 PMExD Tandem Mass Spectrometry Meets the Challenges of Glycoproteomics , Catherine Costello
3:20 PMStable Isotopes and the Origin of Life, Roman Zubarev
3:55 PMRecess
4:10 PMRecent Developments in Ion Mobility/Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Complex Mixtures, David Clemmer
4:45 PMWhole Proteome Analysis: Are We There Yet?, Liang Li

Professor Catherine Fenselau of the University of Maryland will be awarded the 2010 Ralph N. Adams Award in Bioanalytical Chemistry sponsored by The Pittsburgh Conference and Friends of Ralph N. Adams. The award was established to honor an outstanding scientist who has advanced the field of bioanalytical chemistry through research, innovation, and education. Professor Fenselau is a leading figure in the advancement of mass spectrometry as a tool for biochemical and medical analysis. She has been a thought leader in the extension of mass spectrometry to biopolymers, concerned with aspects of fundamental chemistry unique to heavy ions. For three decades she has identified difficult analytical problems in pharmacology and biochemistry and successfully addressed them using mass spectrometry and ancillary techniques. In recent years her contributions have included mass spectrometry-based methods for the rapid detection of airborne microorganisms, and development of a highly cited 18O-labeling method for quantitation of proteins in proteomic strategies. This award symposium will present new capabilities in mass spectrometry and associated techniques, which are revolutionizing the analysis of biopolymers, in particular, proteins and glycoproteins.