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Abstract Number: 1770-1    
Author Name: Craig A Aspinwall Affiliation: University of Arizona
Session Title: Young Investigator Award from Subdivision on Chromatography and Separation Chemistry of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the ACS
Event Type: Award
Event Title: Expanding the Separations Toolbox: Capillary Separations with Enhanced Sensitivity and Selectivity for Interrogating Biomolecular Systems
Presider(s): Bidlingmeyer, Brian A Start Time: 08:10 AM ( Slot # 3 )
Date: Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 Location: 300
Keywords: Bioanalytical, Biotechnology, Capillary Electrophoresis

Abstract Content
Analysis of biological systems presents a number of analytical challenges including the molecular complexity and the low mass and concentration of the analytes. Further complicating the analysis for many biomolecules is the dearth of detectable chemical moieties within the analyte and the time frames over which analyte concentrations change in biological systems. To address these limitations, we have developed a series of chemical separations approaches to enhance the sensitivity, temporal resolution, selectivity and overall information content for analysis of complex samples. Utilizing high speed, multiplexed capillary separations sub-nM detection limits have been achieved with separation times in few second regime. Development of highly stable, biomimetic stationary phases has lead to the utilization of biological materials for chemical separations and provides the basis for unprecedented molecular selectivity in capillary separations.