Basic Information
Abstract Number: 2110-4    
Author Name: David E Clemmer Affiliation: Indiana University
Session Title: Ralph N Adams Award
Event Type: Award
Event Title: Recent Developments in Ion Mobility/Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Complex Mixtures
Presider(s): Li, Liang Start Time: 04:10 PM ( Slot # 7 )
Date: Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 Location: 206A
Keywords: Bioanalytical, Instrumentation, Mass Spectrometry, Proteomics

Abstract Content
This talk will describe recent developments in ion mobility/mass spectrometry for the analysis of complex peptide and glycan mixtures. In this approach mixtures of ions are introduced into the gas phase by electrospray ionization. Pulses of these ions are injected into a drift regions and separated based on differences in mobilities through an inert buffer gas. The mobility of an ion depends on its structure. It is possible to alter structures by exposing ions to energizing collisions; once conformations are changed the ions may be separated again. The approach is described as a high throughput method for proteomics.