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Abstract Number: 1770-5    
Author Name: Norman Dovichi Affiliation: University of Washington
Session Title: Young Investigator Award from Subdivision on Chromatography and Separation Chemistry of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the ACS
Event Type: Award
Event Title: High-throughput, Ultrasensitive Isoelectric Focusing
Presider(s): Bidlingmeyer, Brian A Start Time: 10:45 AM ( Slot # 8 )
Date: Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 Location: 300
Keywords: Capillary Electrophoresis, Fluorescence

Abstract Content
We report a multiplexed capillary electrophoresis system employing an array of 32 capillaries with a micromachined sheath flow cuvette as the detection chamber. The sample streams were simultaneously excited with a 473 nm laser beam, and the
fluorescence emission was imaged on a CCD camera with a pair of doublet achromat lens. Reconstructed electropherograms were corrected for migration time drift using a pair of internal standards. The instrument shows sensitivity in the zeptomole range.
Isoelectric focusing of fluorescent standards produced peaks with a width of 0.0029 0.0008 pH, and a pair of features associated with myoglobin generated peaks with width of 0.008 0.003 pH; these appear to be among the highest resolution isoelectric
focusing separations based on soluble ampholytes. Capillary coating stability limits the reproducibility of the analysis.