Advances in Hand-portable Ion Mobility and Ion Trap Chemical Analyzers
Sunday, February 28th, 2010
1:00 PM Room: 311A

Milton L Lee, Brigham Young University and Herbert H Hill, Washington State University

1:00 PMIntroductory Remarks -
1:05 PMMicrofabricated Planar Electrode Ion Traps: Combining Accuracy with Simplicity for Miniaturization, Daniel Austin
1:40 PMIon Preparation before Differential Mobility Spectrometry (DMS) Including DMS/DMS Analyzers, Gary Eiceman
2:15 PMQuantitative Detection in the Field Using Hand-portable GC-MS, Edgar Lee
2:50 PMPortable Mass Spectrometers vs. Portable Mass Spectrometry Analysis Laboratories, Zheng Ouyang
3:25 PMMultidimensional Ion Mobility Spectrometer for High Fidelity Chemical Identification, Herbert Hill

Hand-portable chemical analyzers are becoming increasingly important in first responder applications for defense, homeland security, police investigations, food quality and safety, and environmental contamination. The more information that can be generated by these analyzers, the more useful they are for addressing critical concerns. The two main types of truly hand-portable analyzers that have emerged for providing chemical signatures in the field are ion mobility spectrometers (IMS) and ion trap mass spectrometers (ITMS). Recent advances in both technologies have significantly improved the performances of the analyzers to the point that attention has largely shifted to the sample-to-analyzer interface. The spectral information from both types of analyzers is enhanced by utilizing specific sampling, ionization, and separation techniques before final ion analysis. This symposium is designed to address recent advances in instrumentation and methods to enhance portability, sensitivity and selectivity, and quantitative accuracy and precision.