Mass Analyzers and Microfabrication Techniques
Thursday, March 4th, 2010
8:00 AM Room: 206C

Daniel E Austin, Brigham Young University

8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks -
8:05 AMA Planar Integrated Micro Mass Spectrometer, Joerg Mueller
8:40 AMMultilayer Manufacturing for Rectilinear Ion Trap Arrays, William Chappell
9:15 AMFabrication and Implementation of Micro and Nano Ion Optics Utilizing Silicon-on-Insulator, Deep Reactive Ion Etching for Portable Mass Spectrometry, Guido Verbeck
9:50 AMCharacterization of Micro-Cylindrical Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers Fabricated using Microelectromechanical Systems Technology, Friso HW van Amerom
10:25 AMQuadruple Ion Traps Realized by Planar Microfabricated Electrodes for Compensation of High Order Multipole Effects, Brett Hansen

Miniaturization efforts in mass spectrometry have run into the limits of traditional machining techniques, creating an important new association between mass analyzer development and various microfabrication technologies. Research in this field is driven by the compelling idea of mass spectrometry in a handheld instrument, opportunities for higher pressure operation, and the need to bring the instrument to the sample. This symposium brings together several groups working to combine microfabrication techniques with development of miniaturized mass spectrometers. Talks will cover both ion trap and time-of-flight devices.