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Author Name: Terry Paske Affiliation: ChemImage Corporation
Session Title: Pharmaceutical - IR, NIR, Raman
Event Type: Poster
Event Title: Surface Wetting of Sample Substrates for Ingredient Specific Particle Sizing
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Date: Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 Location: Red Area on Exposition Floor - Hall B, Aisle 400
Keywords: Microspectroscopy, Pharmaceutical, Raman, Sample Preparation

Priore, RyanChemImage Corporation

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Accurate size determination of an individual constituent in a complex formulation has historically been a challenge. Nasal suspensions are typically comprised of multiple excipient materials as well as one to two APIs. Accurate knowledge of the API particle size is critical for determining the ultimate dissolution rate in the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity. When preparing dried samples of nasal suspensions for Ingredient Specific Particle Sizing (ISPS) by Raman Chemical Imaging (RCI), the source of particle aggregation or agglomeration is ambiguous. Particles may exist as true agglomerates, or particles may agglomerate during the drying process.

Raman Chemical Imaging (RCI) combines the chemical identity and selectivity of Raman spectroscopy with digital imaging to determine the particle size distribution (PSD) and association/agglomeration of micronized drug in aqueous suspension formulations of nasal sprays. RCI has been demonstrated as a potential measurement tool for determining the PSD of a corticosteroid in a formulation matrix.

This study demonstrates the advantages of sample substrate pretreatment for minimizing particles agglomeration during the sample preparation process. RCI results for a representative nasal spray suspension in addition to a polystyrene microsphere sizing standard will be presented.