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Author Name: Tharanga Payagala Affiliation: University of Texas at Arlington
Session Title: Pharmaceutical LC, HILIC and GPC I
Event Type: Poster
Event Title: HPLC Method Development for Enantiomeric Separation of Chiral Pesticides and Herbicides on New Cyclofructan Derived Stationary Phases
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Date: Monday, March 12th, 2012 Location: Red Area on Exposition Floor, Aisles 1300-1500
Keywords: Chiral Separations, HPLC Columns, Method Development, Pesticides

Armstrong, Daniel WUniversity of Texas at Arlington

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Enantiomeric separation of pesticides and herbicides are of importance due to their ubiquitous presence in the environment which warrants detailed studies of their metabolism. Existing cyclodextrin based stationary phases have been successful in resolving some classes of pesticides and herbicides. However, for the chromatographic separation of many more, there is a constant search for novel structurally diverse stationary phases. Cyclofructans are a new class of stationary phases that are proven to have different selectivities and separation efficiencies than any other existing stationary phase available today. We have successfully synthesized and evaluated neutral and charged cyclofructan derivatives as chiral HPLC stationary phases. Enantiomeric separations of 34 chiral pesticides and herbicides were obtained with good selectivities and resolutions. The separated compounds include anilides, chloroacetanilides, phenoxypropionic acids, aryloxyphenoxypropionic acids, and imidazolinones.