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Poster Number: 1780-13    
Author Name: Hiroshi Ohashi Affiliation: Shimadzu
Session Title: Liquid Chromatography Applications
Event Type: Poster
Event Title: Improvement of Efficiency for the Method Development in the Laboratory
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Date: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 Location: Blue Area on Exposition Floor, Aisles 3300-3500
Keywords: Automation, HPLC, Laboratory Automation, Method Development

Hayakawa, YoshihiroShimadzu
Iwata, YosukeShimadzu
Takahashi, MasatoshiShimadzu
Terada, HidetoshiShimadzu
Yamaguchi, TadayukiShimadzu

Abstract Content
In general, the key issue in an optimization procedure for HPLC separation is the selection of the mobile phase and/or column, which is so-called “Scouting” and has a critical effect on the chromatographic separation. Much of time and efforts will be required for the method scouting under the conventional HPLC conditions. Meanwhile, Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) has been widely spread in the recent years, thus UHPLC is expected to be a core technology in a method scouting process to reduce the labor and cost.

In this situation, we have developed the method scouting system based on the UHPLC system, Nexera. The method scouting system has a capability for automated evaluation up to 16 combinations of mobile phases by two valves with each four solvent selection connected to an each delivery pump. In addition, it also has a capability for automated evaluation up to 6 columns by switching valves located in the column oven. This means that the system provides the exhaustive method scouting with significantly reducing the time required by conventional procedure since it has a potency of automated evaluation for maximum 96 combinations of mobile phases and columns. Furthermore, the developed software “Method Scouting Solution”, specified for this system, provides excellent usability for the automatization of the method development process. Using this system with the software, time of scouting could be reduced down to just around 10 minutes from approximately 40 hours by the traditional method development procedure. Both ultra high speed based and conventional based analyses can be performed within one system since “Nexera” is all-around LC. In addition, there are potential advantages in this system because the scouting result obtained under UHPLC condition can be changed over to the conventional-based method.