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Author Name: Sato Takashi Affiliation: YMC Co., Ltd.
Session Title: Pharmaceutical LC, HILIC and GPC I
Event Type: Poster
Event Title: Cost-Effective Purification of High Value-Added Compounds in Reversed-Phase Chromatography Achieved by Using Novel Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Silica Based Packing Material with High Mechanical and Chemical Stability
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Date: Monday, March 12th, 2012 Location: Red Area on Exposition Floor, Aisles 1300-1500
Keywords: HPLC Columns, Liquid Chromatography, Pharmaceutical, Protein

Ernest, Sobkow JYMC America, Inc.

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Nowadays, reversed-phase chromatography has an important role in precise purification of high value-added compounds, such as natural products and pharmaceutical peptides or proteins. In the field of industrial scale purification by reversed-phase chromatography, improvement of cost effectiveness is very meaningful.

There has been much attention given to organic/inorganic hybrid silica based gel in order to improve the chemical stability at expanded pH and temperature, especially in the analytical HPLC field. This chemical stability of hybrid silica is considered useful as the packing materials for preparative HPLC, because it provides greater flexibility in method development and also allows the effective cleaning of the gel with alkaline solution which is often required in purification of peptides and proteins.

We have successfully prepared the new hybrid silica based packing material, named YMC-Triart Prep, by using microreactor technology for precise granulation and novel surface modification technology for higher performance and chemical stability. YMC -Triart Prep provides enhanced efficiency and increased column lifetime compared to conventional silica based material, and these result in cost-effective purification of high value-added compounds.

In this poster, we will show characteristics and advantages of this new YMC-Triart Prep material, including mechanical stability by repacking evaluation, and chemical stability under cleaning-in-place condition with alkaline solution. And we will also introduce some examples of purification of peptides and natural products utilizing characteristics of this material.