Basic Information
Abstract Number: 1280-5    
Author Name: Stuart J Chalk Affiliation: University of North Florida
Session Title: Mentoring in the Chemistry Hierarchy
Event Type: Workshop
Event Title: Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers in Chemistry
Presider(s): Chalk, Stuart J Start Time: 03:40 PM ( Slot # 7 )
Date: Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 Location: 313
Keywords: Education, Teaching/Education

Abstract Content
Undergraduate research students are given a bad rap at many Ph.D. granting institutions because the “need more hand holding” and cannot be “productive”. This presentation will highlight that this perspective is not true if you know how to select and motivate undergraduate students in Chemistry.

Topics to covered in this talk are: identifying potential undergraduate researchers; talking about the big picture in layman’s terms; defining a scope of work; not hand-holding in the lab; playing to student strengths; dealing with students schedules; understanding career aspirations; and using senior research students as mentors.