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Poster Number: 1420-16    
Author Name: Andrea Carretta Affiliation: SRA Instruments
Session Title: Environmental Analysis III
Event Type: Poster
Event Title: VOC Analysis at ppq Level via P&T-GC-MS
Presider(s):   Start Time: ( Slot # 16 )
Date: Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 Location: Blue Area on Exposition Floor, Aisles 3300-3500
Keywords: Automation, Environmental/Water, Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Volatile Organic Compounds

Pergolotti, StefanoSRA Instruments

Abstract Content
Using techniques such Purge and Trap, GC-MS and cryofocused injection, a very sensitive automated system was developed in order to reach a LOD of 100 ppq (with regards to several VOC analytes, in particular 1,2,3 trichloropropane and 1,2 dibromoethane; requested by italian law). The sample is processed via P&T, the trapped analytes will be desorbed into a PTV inlet kept at low temp by means of liquid CO2. The whole amount of every analyte is then transfered by ballistic PTV heating into GC column and detected by single quad in SIM mode.