Basic Information
Abstract Number: 660-1    
Author Name: Pamela Jett Affiliation: Jett Communication, Inc.
Session Title: Words Matter - Effective Communication in Your Lab
Event Type: Workshop
Event Title: Words Matter - Effective Communication in Your Lab
Presider(s): Di Ubaldi, Mario Start Time: 02:05 PM ( Slot # 2 )
Date: Monday, March 12th, 2012 Location: 313
Keywords: Education, Lab Management, Teaching/Education

Abstract Content
Discover startling facts about how most professionals are sabotaging their communication success and reap the rewards of learning remarkable communication techniques proven to better relationships at work and at home. We will turn some traditional notions about "good communication" upside down so you can take advantage of remarkable communication techniques that will, flat out, make work (and home life) easier, more productive and more rewarding.

As an attendee to this workshop you will learn:
• Discover how easy it is to build professional relationships with one great question.
• Uncover self-sabotage & retrain your brain to think & communicate positively.
• Acquire remarkable words and phrases to communicate with even the most difficult people and to put an end to toxic relationships.