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Abstract Number: 2240-4    
Author Name: Michael David McGinley Affiliation: Phenomenex Inc.
Session Title: Analytical and Spectroscopic Advances and Their Impact on Biofuel Analysis
Event Type: Workshop
Event Title: Recent Advances in Chromatographic Technologies for Biofuel Analysis
Presider(s): Mott, James Start Time: 09:50 AM ( Slot # 6 )
Date: Thursday, March 15th, 2012 Location: 313
Keywords: Biofuels, Fuels\Energy\Petrochemical, Liquid Chromatography, Process Monitoring

Kelly, KoryPhenomenex Inc.
Layne, Jeff JPhenomenex Inc.

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The biofuel industry continues to evolve as new technologies for generating biofuels from new biological sources continues to expand to include cellulose and algal fuels. As research in new fuels becomes mainstream, new analytical methods have been developed to characterize “feed” sources as well as monitor fermentation processes that are typically used for generating bioethanol. In this presentation new technologies will be discussed for analyzing next generation biofuels. While ion exclusion and gas chromatography have been typically used for such analysis, new method utilizing LC/MS have recently been presented for solving the difficult analytical challenges these next generation biofuels present. Integrating all these technologies together to get improvements in biofuel efficiencies will be discussed.