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Poster Number: 790-3    
Author Name: Aaron Osher Affiliation: Skidmore College
Session Title: ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Poster Session
Event Type: Poster
Event Title: Studies of Real-Time Changes in Electroosmotic Flow Under Dynamic Buffer Conditions
Presider(s):   Start Time: ( Slot # 3 )
Date: Monday, March 12th, 2012 Location: Red Area on Exposition Floor, Aisles 1300-1500
Keywords: Capillary Electrophoresis, Characterization, Lab-on-a-Chip/Microfluidics

Ahern, RyanSkidmore College
Frederick, Kimberley ASkidmore College

Abstract Content
Capillary electrophoresis is chronically plagued by separation irreproducibility due to the instability of the underlying electroosmotic flow (EOF). Our work focuses on developing a model to predict changes in electroosmotic flow with constantly changing buffer conditions similar to those used in isotachophoresis or sample stacking. We make use of an EOF monitoring method which employs the periodic photobleaching of a dilute, neutral fluorophore to make measurements of EOF every 2-3 seconds. Based on first principles, we have developed an exponential model which can be used to explain most of our data. A discussion of the deviations from ideal and modifications of our model will also be presented.