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Author Name: Todd Blonshine Affiliation: Mustard Tree Instruments
Session Title: High-Throughput Chemical Analysis
Event Type: Oral
Event Title: Multi-Variant Technology Combining Machine Vision with Raman Spectroscopy for Rapid Assessment of Pharmaceutical Drug Product Formulation and Dosage Strength
Presider(s): Lynch, Garry J Start Time: 01:00 PM ( Slot # 1 )
Date: Sunday, March 11th, 2012 Location: 310B
Keywords: Raman, Spectroscopy, Validation

Harward, BriscoMustard Tree Instruments

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Raman technology has certain limitations that have traditionally kept it from being a widely adopted analytical tool. Some of these limitations, such as costly high electrical load lasers, insensitive multichannel detectors and grating based Rayleigh rejection designs, have been addressed by the instrument industry. Low power diode lasers, CCD detectors with improved quantum efficiencies and narrow width spectral line filters have enabled Raman to begin proliferating, making it one of the fastest growing technology sectors in the instrumentation industry over the last several years. There are, however, a few more barriers to everyday adoption of Raman as a technology for routine materials testing. All Raman spectra are not equal as instrumentation vendors produce different corrections depending on technologies used to obtain the data. Not everyone is a chemometrician and not everyone is an expert at interpreting spectral anomalies and therefore it seems few industries have time to learn a new technology even with some compelling cost reduction promises. This paper will detail how an emerging multi-variant approach combining machine vision and Raman spectroscopy can address the issue of obtaining immediate, unambiguous results from pharmaceutical drug product samples without the need to be an expert spectroscopist.

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