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Author Name: Fernando E Larmat Affiliation: Universidad del Valle
Session Title: New Developments in Analytical Instrumentation and Software
Event Type: Sunday Poster
Event Title: Determination of the Heavy Metal Levels (Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn) in Water and Sediments from the Marsh of Betaci, Colombia
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Date: Sunday, March 11th, 2012 Location: Valencia Room, W415
Keywords: Electrochemistry, Environmental, Metals

Diaz, BasilioUniversidad de Cordoba
Lans Ceballos, EdineldoUniversidad de Cordoba

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The Marsh of Betancí is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Colombia and it is an important hydric and economic resource for thousands of people in the Department of Cordoba, which takes its water and fish for human consumption. The Marsh has been site of contamination due to agricultural, domestic, and mining waste waters from its surroundings. As a consequence a widespread heavy metal contamination of water and sediments has resulted and it is well established that heavy metals are introduced in the food chain and produce health problems.

This study will present the quantification of the heavy metals Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn in samples of water and sediments from the Marsh of Betancí during dry and rainy seasons. Samples of crude water and sediments were taken at nine different places along the Marsh. The metals were determined by anodic stripping analysis using differential pulse voltammetry for quantification. A hanging mercury drop electrode was used as working electrode, the auxiliary electrode was platinum and the reference electrode was Ag/AgCl. Recoveries were quantitative for all the elements studied (≥92%). The precision values (RSD) were in the range of 2.1 to 4.9% (n=5). Results indicate a moderate contamination with maximum values of 38.1, 7.8, 49.8 and 45.3 ng/mL of Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn respectively.