Methodology Title Facilitators
Atomic Spectroscopy/Elemental AnalysisCANCELLED - High-Speed Atomic Force MicroscopyAnne-Dorothea Mueller, Anfatac Instruments AG
Chemical MethodsAnalysis and Control of Genotoxic Impurities in Drug DevelopmentJane Li, Genentech
Chemical MethodsPhase Appropriate GMP for Validation of Analytical MethodsAmir Malek, Genentech
Chemical MethodsRegulation of Transportation FuelMichael T Cheng, Chevron
Computers, Modeling and SimulationCANCELLED - Challenges in CDS Software DevelopmentRajeev Kumaraswamy, Network SystemsTechnologies, Ltd.
Computers, Modeling and SimulationCANCELLED - Which Has the Highest Priority - LIMS or ELN?David P Hurt, Labvantage Solutions
Computers, Modeling and SimulationStandards for Instrument OutputsAnand R Mudambi, US Environmental Protection Agency
Data Analysis and ManipulationCANCELLED - Challenges in ResearchOlubukola O Irurhe, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control
Data Analysis and ManipulationCANCELLED - Is Today's Laboratory Ready for Tablet Computers?David P Hurt, Labvantage Solutions
Data Analysis and ManipulationData IntegrationJeff Vannest, Labvantage Solutions
Data Analysis and ManipulationHow Can the Modern Analytical Chemist Overcome the Barriers of New Method IntroductionJack Driscoll, PID Analyzers, LLC
Education/TeachingApplication and Submission Process for SBIR and STTR NIH GrantsErica A Guice, Western Slope Laboratory
Education/TeachingCareer OptionsRobert L Stevenson, American Laboratory
Education/TeachingChemistry Careers Beyond the BenchChristine T Herman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Education/TeachingDiscussing Collaborative Opportunities to Leverage ResourcesLara P Autry, US Environmental Protection Agency
Education/TeachingGreen Chemistry, Sustainability, and the Analytical ChemistDwight Tshudy, Gordon College
Education/TeachingHow Can We Sustain Our Chemistry Outreach Beyond the International Year of Chemistry?Jennifer Maclachlan, PID Analyzers, LLC
Education/TeachingMaking the Most Out of Graduate SchoolIan Taylor, University of Pittsburgh
Education/TeachingProtein Aggregation - Developing Quantitative Methodologies for Characterization of Subvisible and Submicron AggregationJeremy C Warren, NanoSight
Education/TeachingTandem MS Library Development and Possible Screening Exercise Using the NIST/EPA LibraryLawrence B Zintek, US Environmental Protection Agency
ElectrochemistryProtein Analysis - Electrophoresis - Different Methods for Analysis and Evaluation of Proteins in Different Tissues and SamplesSamy Abdel Azim, Cairo University
Gas Chromatography/Mass SpectrometryChromatography and Mass Spectrometry User's ForumArindam Roy, Oakwood Laboratories, LL
Integrated Sensor SystemsFDA Food Safety Modernization ACT - Product Testing and Preventive ControlsCarol Schneider, Alpha MOS, Inc.
Laboratory InformaticsLaboratory SafetyJames A Kaufman, Laboratory Safety Institute
Laboratory InformaticsNon Invasive Biomedical Analysis - The Fast, the Furious, and the Brave - Innovative Analytical Instrumentation for Breath Gas TestingWolfram Miekisch, University of Rostock
Liquid ChromatographyCharged Aerosol Detection for HPLCJohn Waraska, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Liquid ChromatographyChromatography Applications and Marketing in ChinaYan-Bo Yang, B Braun Medical
Liquid ChromatographyChromeleonAndreas Brunner, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Liquid ChromatographyPotential for Magnetic Bead-based Affinity Separations (MBAS) to Replace HPLACRichard B Cook, Colloidal Science Solutions, Inc.
Liquid Chromatography/Mass SpectrometryICP-MS and Chromatography for Metals SpeciationLarry Irr, Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation
Mass SpectrometryHarsh Environment Mass SpectroscopyRichard Arkin, Hazard & Gas Detection Lab
Molecular SpectroscopyNew Applications for SERSMichael J Natan, Cabot Security Materials Inc
Other (Specify)CANCELLED - Textile Chemistry and TechnologyManal A El-Sheikh, National Research Center
Other (Specify)Laser Based Gas AnalysisPaul Nesdore, Gases and Instrumentation Magazine
Process Analytical TechniquesProcess Analytical Technologies - PATJames W Rydzak, GlaxoSmithKline
Sampling and Sample PreparationOral Fluid TDM and Toxicology TestingErica A Guice, Western Slope Laboratory
Sampling and Sample PreparationSample Preparation Techniques with HPLCFrank Steiner, ThermoFisher
Sampling and Sample PreparationTechniques and Methodologies for Direct SpeciationManuel Valiente, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
SensorsCANCELLED - Bioanalytical Sensors for Structural Analysis of BiomoleculesElectra Gizeli, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
SensorsWhat are the Most Significant Potential Cross-Cutting Applications of Nano-enabled Sensing for Medical Uses and Environmental ApplicationsWarren W Layne, US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5