New Developments in Analytical Instrumentation and Software
Sunday, March 11th, 2012
Room: Valencia Room, W415

Gold Coated Manganese Based Magnetic Nanoparticles for Potential Drug Delivery Applications, Amos Mugweru
Diffusion vs. Kinetic Control of Heterogeneous Reactions: Indium Mediated Allylations, Walter Bowyer
Laser-Desorption as a Technique for the Detection of Security-Relevant Substances via On-Line Soft Ionization Ion Trap MS, Sven Ehlert
Mid-Infrared Analysis of Small Amounts of Dissolved Dyes by Concentrated Multiple Reflection ATR Spectroscopy, Joseph Lucania
Ultrasensitive SERS Nanoprobes for Selective Detection of Trivalent Metal Ions, Fei Yan
Spectrophotometric Analysis of Glutamine with Enzymatic Reactions, Akimitsu Kugimiya
Improvement of ASTM D-5769 by GCMS High Concentration Tuning and Automated Data Processing, Zhuangzhi Wang
Determination of Moisture Content in ATF Using an Azeotropic Distillation Method, John MacFarlane
Markets for Potential New Physical Adsorbents, Henry Nowicki
Thermal Properties of Polymer Coatings Containing Excipients and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Evaluated by NanoTA Scanning Probe Microscopy, Kevin Biggs
Organic Elemental Analysis for Carbon Characterization by Flash Combustion Method, Guido Giazzi
Nano-Composites Characterization by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Andrew Salamon
New Thermal Methods for Testing Batteries, Peter Ralbovsky
Study of Ancient Pottery to Determine Their Use via Analyses of Specific Biomarkers Using LC/MS, Timothy Ward
Analysis of Volatile and Semivolatile VOC’s in Waste Oils, Jack Driscoll
Inexpensive Wireless Sensor Package for PPB Monitoring of Photochemical Smog Components VOC'S, O3, NO2 and Sunlight, Jack Driscoll
Indoor Air Pollutant Monitoring in Classrooms and Laboratories (VOC’s, CO, CO2, and Ventilation Rates), Jennifer Maclachlan
About the Correlation of the Heating Rate, the Release Rate and the Sensitivity of the IR Signal of the TG-FTIR Coupling, Ekkehard Füglein
A Robust Person Portable Gas Chromatograph - Toroidal Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (GC-TMS) for Field Analysis of Volatile and Semivolatile Compounds, Douglas Later
HPLC Monitoring of Quaternary Amine Drugs, Kornelia Tekes
Improved Routine Environmental Analysis with ICP-Q-MS Through a Combination of a New Sample Introduction System and Enhanced High Matrix Tolerance, Lothar Rottmann
Determination of the Heavy Metal Levels (Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn) in Water and Sediments from the Marsh of Betaci, Colombia, Fernando Larmat
Photocatalytic Oxidation of Phenolic Compounds on Thin Films of TiO2 Deposited on Quartz Substrates, Fernando Larmat
Recent Advances in the Supersonic GC-MS , Aviv Amirav
Automatic Set-Up and Arrangement for Degradation Study of Pyridinium Aldoximes, Huba Kalasz
Online Database for Certified Reference Materials, Rainer Schramm
Dual Ion Source for Mass-Spectrometry and Their Application in Thermogravimetry, Andreas Walte
Improved Plasma Robustness with a Ceramic Torch, Ryan Brennan
Advances in Enhanced Productivity Sample Introduction Accessories for ICP Spectrometry, Ryan Brennan
How to Optimise Your UHPLC Performance – Connect Properly!, Ken Butchart
New High Performance WD-XRF with Small Sample and Area Analysis Capabilities, Alexander Seyfarth
Enhancing the Laboratory Automation Process for Automated Monitoring of Fluid Levels of Analytical Instruments, Simon Tullett