Liquid Chromatography: Stationary Phase Architecture
Monday, March 12th, 2012
8:00 AM Room: 311C

8:00 AMCharacterization of Carbon-Modified Silicas for Analytical Liquid Chromatography, Stephen Groskreutz
8:20 AMUsing Solvent-Particle Interactions to Predict Slurry Packing and Performance of 1.2 [micro]m Superficially Porous Particles Packed in Capillary Columns for Liquid Chromatography, Laura Blue
8:40 AMPerformance Reproducibility of Chromatographic Columns Packed With Sub-3 Micron Core-Shell Particles, Fabrice Gritti
9:00 AMEquivalency of Selectivity Plots for Porous and Superficially-Porous Particles , Richard Henry
9:20 AMRecess
9:35 AMComparison of Efficiencies of Diamond-Based Core-Shell Materials for HPLC Made with Different Sizes of Nanodiamonds and Core Carbon Particles, Chuan-Hsi Hung
9:55 AM1.2 [micro]m Large Pore, Thin Shell, Superficially Porous Particles and Their Chromatographic Performance in Capillary LC Columns, James Treadway
10:15 AMEvaluations of Sub 2μm Nonporous Organosilica Hybrid Particles for LC, Amber Moore
10:35 AMA High-Performance Specialty Column for Surfactant Analysis, Xiaodong Liu