Liquid Chromatography: Stationary Phase Selectivity
Sunday, March 11th, 2012
1:00 PM Room: 307C

1:00 PMEstimation of the Fluorophilic Lipophilic Hydrophilic Balance of Organic Compounds by Means of High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Yoji Nakajima
1:20 PMEstablishing Relevant Performance Parameters in the Development of High Performance Gel Filtration Media, Philip Koerner
1:40 PMDevelopment of New Ion Chromatography Separation Phases Using Amine-Epoxide Hyperbranch Chemistry, Rong Lin
2:00 PMUtilizing the Hydrophobic-Subtraction Model and Reversed-Phase Selectivity - A Simplified Look at Column Phase Selection, Richard Lake
2:20 PMRecess
2:35 PMApplication Development Using Reversed-Phase/Ion-Exchange Mixed-Mode Columns, Xiaodong Liu
2:55 PMColumn Selectivity in Reversed-Phase LC Using Superficially Porous Columns, William Long
3:15 PMUnderstanding Selectivity of Stationary Phases Utilized in HILIC Chromatography: Impact of Changing Retention Mechanisms, David Bell
3:35 PMWithdrawn