Fast Separations (ACS-ANYL)
Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
2:00 PM Room: 308B


2:00 PMNew Hydrophobic Coatings on Carbon Spheres for Use in High Temperature and Extreme pH Reversed Phase HPLC, Landon Wiest
2:20 PMPillar Array Columns with Low Dispersion Turns for Pressure-Driven Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography, Makoto Tsunoda
2:40 PMThe Critical Role of Column and Instrument Design in Development of Ultra-Fast LC-UV Methods, Richard Henry
3:00 PMEnabling Faster Separations and Smaller Sample Volumes with Microflow-UHPLC/MS/MS, Khaled Mriziq

The need for obtaining HPLC results quickly has become a challenge for the analytical chemist. Due the analytical workload, separations must now be done in a few minutes or even seconds. In this session, we will examine new chromatographic technologies for obtaining data quickly and with good chromatographic resolution. Presentations will describe both new instrumentation and chemistry approaches to obtaining results in a shorter amount time.